Branding & visual identity

A strategy is about finding reasons why your audience should care about you. Branding is telling them again and again who you are, and how they can relate. What is your purpose? What is the one value driven thing your audience will love?

Will they save money? Will it be fun? Or are you the most trustworthy? Best tasting? Fastest? In digital media, you are in constant contact with your audience, so you need to be your brand and have an authentic, believable voice. With a clear purpose comes the potential for great stories that will make your brand heard.



The brand purpose, the core story, defines the heart of everything you do. It tells the user why they should care, and it provides you with a clear guideline to any communication you do. If something falls out of your core story, you either shouldn't do it, or you have the wrong definition of your story. Keep this consistent, and your users become fans as they relate and feel they know everything about your brand.

Core visual identity

We see visual identity as a traditional discipline, but like to add interactivity and modern media opportunities to it. Typography, colors, shapes, grids and media applications are always essential. But add interactivity, moving image, animation or even live data, and your visual identity can be taken to new levels. It is not a matter of overcomplicating it, but rather to refine the experience more.

Interactive behaviour

Interactivity can affect both your brand and your visual identity assets. Your audience loads your pages, see your assets in the app and click them or swipe them. It's important to account for how they behave and react to user input. Animations and transitions can be swift or smooth, slow or fast. All affecting the impression your customers get.

Content / Voice & tone

Visual identity only takes your branding so far. What your brand says and how it acts every day shows in your content. You don't have to leave this to chance. We work with styling photography, illustration and assets like icons. We plan and instruct moving images for your core stories. We help you establish a voice and tone guide, which will empower you to find the right words for anything you need to communicate. Stay consistent over time and improve the way your audience experience you.

Social media and beyond

After you established your brand assets and had directions for how to work with it on a daily level, you can not communicate on social media. Your audience will talk about you, mention you, complain or highlight something you do. You need to be present and have a strategy for when things go good, and when they don't. It is core brand management, and not handling this right, has been seen to damage anything you have build up for years severely.


Danish Broadcasting Company

Numbers from DR (Danish Broadcasting Cooperation) show a consistent use of their newsfeed app. So apparently people do read news on an app, but the current solution feels outdated and does a relatively poor job in many aspects like sharing or exploring topics.

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