At Granyon you will create amazing experiences. Our door is open for creative, open-minded, curious people, junior or senior, he or she, full or flex.

You will want to stay

Working at Granyon is pretty good. It's our second home. It's where we get to hang out with talented brilliant people. So it probably won't feel like work. More like fun and good times.

We don't track how many hours you are in the office. We want you to be able to fit your work life with the rest of your life. If you have kids, we expect you to pick them up often. If you have a wonderfully stupid cat, that just sits on your keyboard all the time when you try to work from home, we completely understand. We offer six weeks annual paid vacation to build your tan, improve your downhill skills or just create some great memories.

Professionally we do expect a lot from you. But don't worry, we have a system to teach you what you need to know so that you will become a better professional. We've got your back when it comes to time management and challenges with clients or projects. It is our only job to make sure you can do your job, the way you know best. 

We look for great personalities, doers, makers, funny people, kind people. Creative hearts, structured minds. Big, small. He or she. Junior or senior. As long as you see the idea in what we are doing, and feel that you would belong. Even though we are completely fresh in the market, we know what we are doing. You get the idea, from reading elsewhere on this site, what we stand for. We are not alone either, as we have established strong relationships with other great companies in public relations, development houses, and freelance entrepreneurs.

We are currently looking for...

We're always on the lookout for talented people who share our mission to deliver excellent solutions without complicated processes while having a great time working in creative teams.

Apply by getting in touch. Tell us your story.

Reach out for CEO Mikkel Noe Westh on
 +45 60 52 29 62 or send him an email
Or get a hold of Creative Director
Jesper Fagerlund on 
+45 53 62 65 60 or send him an email