Creative technologist

Creative technologist

Creative technologist

For this position it is an advantage if you know danish. ✨

You are a front-end developer / creative technologist / no-code hacker who wants more than to “just” write every single code by yourself. Instead you are curious about new tools and new ways of working together. You want to be part of the process, the concept and design of the solution rather than just having the prototype handed over. 

About the position

You are capable of seeing how few lines of coding combined with No-Code-solutions such as Webflow, Bubble, Integromat, Zapier and Airtable together can create solutions that are far quicker, more flexible, cheaper and better than they were just a few years ago. You know classic HTML and Javascript by heart and might also have looked into WebGL.

You can see yourself as part of a team that works with copywriting, communication, strategy, and design. You want to contribute with new ideas, come up with the right concepts and solve tasks in collaboration with the rest of the design team. 

We expect from you

Full time? Part time? We’ll discuss it as we go along. Are you new within this field, or do you come with a solid experience and ideas on how to go about the whole thing? We will figure out a solution that fits your level of expertise. What we need is a person that can lift our design to the next level by giving our no-code tools websites an extra dimension: Maybe in the form of advanced interaction design, integrations, automations or database setups. The job is for you who gets the technique, but who also wants to be part of the design and concept process.    

We offer a great deal of freedom: Flexible working hours that fit your schedule. It’s also possible to work from home every now and then. Our office has a lovely atmosphere and is situated at Frederiksberg. We offer office lunch, Friday bar and often go out or on field trips. 

The salary is based on qualifications and the position. If you are currently in a senior or lead position you will also be able to take on a leader position here.  

About Granyon

Granyon is an international and prize winning agency that works strategically and conceptually with our solutions. We match opinions with form and create results. We are a team of strategists, identity designers, copywriters and designers, and 2021 is the year where we will grow!  

Granyon is a place with a cozy, fun and relaxed atmosphere. There’s a high level of freedom and many great opportunities. 


Sounds like a good fit? Then write to Jesper through . You are welcome to send us any questions if you have them. Else simply send us some links to your work, a CV or some words about yourself.

We would like to hear from you as soon as possible, and expect to hire during may 2021.