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Go from insight and strategy to a real, tested, responsive prototype in just five weeks, is our approach to making real innovation fast.

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Internal structures and years of habits can be in the way for real change when it comes to communicating or selling your products online. Uncertainties and risk-taking seem impossible as positions or reputation are at stake.

With Granyon's approach, we cut to the chase and move you fast into something you can touch, see, feel and test, to allow for ideas to be proven right or wrong, without the same amount of time or financial risk. Moving fast is crucial today. Our team knows how to achieve this.


Specify business objectives, organization structure and gathering in-depth knowledge about customers from data sources, statistics, online behavior, and ethnographic methods.


We do concepts with speed in mind. Often we make one-week sprints, with a testable finished product by the end of one week. The sense of urgency forces us all to stay sharp and kill ideas that we assume won't work when compared. We add the number of sprints needed to work around a challenge. The concept and ideation part could be just one day, but often it is one week of intense workshopping.


The best way to get ideas down is to put them on paper with a pen. It is fast; it allows for ultra quick visualizations of ideas. How should a solution be structured? How could we build it? How should it look? The purpose is to get ideas out of everyone's head so we can start to see the different ideas either working together or conflicting.


The sketches, post-its, the insights and the strategy now all come into one in an online prototype. This can be experienced on any platform from anywhere and therefore tested (remotely) on any target-group in any market. We usually run one-week iterations and test over the weekend, so we know what to adjust the following week. After just three to five weeks we end up with a tested fully functional prototype that could be ready to document and for the development team to implement in the desired CMS, or it could undergo another iteration depending on circumstances.


Danish broadcasting company

Numbers from DR (Danish Broadcasting Cooperation) show a consistent use of their newsfeed app. So apparently people do read news on an app, but the current solution feels outdated and does a relatively poor job in many aspects like sharing or exploring topics.

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