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Customer insights

CBS Executive is a commercial foundation, and one of Europe’s largest business schools. CBS Executive designs and delivers short executive programs, open enrollment or customized.

With a design process based on data, customer interviews, and online prototypes, we were able to test different directions before we found a concept that introduced a more open and human visual style together with a new structure, navigation, and a flow that supports the customer's decision flow.

We wanted to strengthen both inspiration and information leading up to the actual sign-up flow.

Through sketches and prototyping, we tried out different kinds of navigation systems. All the way our focus was on what information the customer should meet when. We identified three main decision scenarios the CBS Executive customers went through so it was evident that the page should support those on both mobile and large screens.

From insights to fast idea sketches lead to online prototyping

Humans, humans, humans

CBS Executive sells passionate people, knowledge, and expertise, so it was important for the design team to have the visual concept support the brand purpose. Images show passionate people engaged in inspiring learning. 

The font and colors strengthen the close bond to the mother brand, Copenhagen Business School and by introducing more space and room for the reader to concentrate on one thing at the time, we also support the brand through a calm and logic customer experience.

The new -executive.dkcbs


Begin understanding - and we mean really understanding the customers. The combination of interviews and data gave a great foundation for the conceptual development. Quick sketches of the different directions gave the team possibilities to see and identify the right one for this particular customer group. Again designing in online, responsive prototypes proved to be a quick tool to test and try different directions until we found the perfect one. 

The process also made it possible to keep within budget and launch five days before the actual deadline. With the prototype approach, we kept working in the right direction and could prioritize the things that proved to add value instead of blindly follow a specification made before anyone was sure what would be the right thing to build. A website and design that support the brand value:

creating an environment where participants are challenged to generate concrete results for themselves and their organizations

Design through online prototyping

Go from insight and strategy to a real, tested, responsive prototype in just five weeks, is our approach to making real innovation fast. Don't hesitate to reach out if you are interested to hear more about the Granyon design approach.