Forget Brexit. We are all Brenter.


Forget Brexit. We are all Brenter 

Granyon is about great experiences, of companies and the people who work there or buy from them. With Scandinavian design roots, our clients count international cooperations like Velux, Solar, and Air Liquide plus our colleagues are Danish, Italian, German, Irish and Swiss. So we know no borders in the Copenhagen office. Our solutions expand borders too. And as it is our natural ambition to expand our physical presence further, starting this November, when we open an office in the UK. Not fans of Brexit, we prefer to work against it. So we enter the UK which is a fascinating market for our approach of design driven, prototype based fast problem solving for cooperations. We bring a mix of Scandinavian simplicity and solutions that make the complex simple, by focusing on what the customer sees, interacts with and experiences first, then what the corporation needs after. 

Britain, meet Jens!

We joined forces with Jens, our newly appointed country director for the UK. He has a professional background from the University of Cambridge, CBS Executive, ReGen Villages, and Presidents Institute. He studied philosophy and communication at Aarhus University and held a 'Diploma in Business Excellence’  degree from CBS Executive and Columbia Business School.

We asked Jens why Granyon would open in the UK? 

„We are still small and very ambitious, founded by a couple of skilled and experienced Danes but already employing a fantastic team of people from Germany, Italy, Ireland and Switzerland and we truly have something unique to offer. Our roots are Scandinavian: we believe in simplicity and the no-nonsense way of solving business challenges. But we have a built-in daily challenge on the simplicity from a team that knows more. We are always reminded to question everything twice, to be sure that our solutions work across borders, minds, and cultures. I believe our approach fits perfectly for a place like the UK." 

But why Cambridge? What do you expect to do from there?

"Cambridge is a financial and entrepreneurial powerhouse in Britain. New companies open every day: it is fun, energetic, challenging and a fantastic place to be. Not as crowded as London, lots of fresh air and beautiful neighborhoods. What's not to like? I am looking forward to meeting and working with some of the great British, and international corporations present here."