Granyon helps to shift the focus of Solar

Granyon helps to shift the focus of Solar which has historically served as a classical wholesale within the electrical, plumbing and ventilation technology. Solar Group discovered the qualities of design-thinking, working with Granyon

"We need to change ourselves to adapt to a new digital reality where it is no longer enough to be a product-oriented company. Therefore we work together with the design experts from Granyon, whose methods have provoked us to think in new directions. We did this as part of a process in which we will gradually evolve to become a service company," Says Director Group Business Development Camilla Fielsøe van Dijk, Solar.

She is especially fond of the results it has provided to get input from designers without particularly large industry knowledge.

"We have previously called for external help from other external consultants with high yield. But with the Granyon designers, we have a more open process in which the absent knowledge of the industry has been an advantage. And so we have some tools that provide a significant boost to qualify new ideas," says Camilla Fielsøe van Dijk.

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