Little Friday at Granyon – Prototyping

Thursday the 7th of April, we hosted our first of many Little Fridays at Granyon. Little Friday is our way of hosting an open house. It is for anyone interested in the subject, students, colleagues, clients, friends, and foes. We aim to serve a huge dish of inspiration, with some insights added to keep the head fresh. And since it is almost the weekend, we might as well have a drink or two and a snack.

The theme of the day was how to prototype complex digital solutions to avoid unnecessary workloads and costs. Prototyping allows a team to understand better where a project is heading, and it enables them to test assumptions early and often with users and stakeholders.

The special guest start was Jacob Bøtter, who gave us insights into the work DR has been doing in regards of prototyping.

Supporting slides

Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups, by Rasmus Luckow-Nielsen

Bye Bye Photoshop, by Jesper Fagerlund

DR X, by Jacob Bøtter


CEO Mikkel Noe Westh
Author Jacob Bøtter
CEO of Reload, Rasmus Luckow-Nielsen
Creative Director Jesper Fagerlund