Partnership between Granyon and 3dar

Jesper Fagerlund

Granyon is thrilled to announce the partnership with Argentina and US-based company 3dar. Through this relationship we now offer not only branding, design and digital solutions but also amazing engaging content in 3D, moving images & VR. With clients like Lay's, Perrier, Zappos and Google 3dar has capabilities and experience that we know will bring great value to our customers.

3dar is an exciting partner for Granyon. Creatives and highly skillede technical people, that can create amazing experiences: from traditional motion graphics to pushing boundaries within Virtual Reality, Animation and Visual Effects.

With this strategic partnership, we can now offer our customers experiences within virtual reality or any specialized motion graphic. Original content like this has a strong potential to change brands. For the past 12 years, 3dar worked with large brands and advertising agencies to create award-winning content. The 3dar team has created over 250 transmedia animated pieces, reaching millions of people around the world. Add to that award-winning content that has seen more than 200 film festival selections.

At Granyon we work with initial strategy, concepts, and design and are now able to add engaging content like animation, 3D, 3D films, and virtual reality that plays on your favorite device or even directly in your customers Facebook feed. Even directly below this blog post! We love it.

We can't wait to see what exciting opportunities this will bring. Contact us to hear more about the possibilities or read more about 3dar on

See an example of a 3dar VR video below.