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The first impression when talking to Mikkel Noe Westh, the CEO of Danish and UK based Granyon, is that perhaps he is an idealist in search of a chimera. However one soon realizes that there is a very well thought trough structure and plan when it comes to setting up and agency that can inspire and delight its clients and their audiences.

Westh has an interesting history. He came to the realms of the digital world after taking a detour over some icy peaks.

“I was studying something completely different,” he says. “I studied geography and started out as a glacier scientist, and even went to Greenland on a couple of expeditions, but a the same time I had a great passion for digital communication, the digital universe, and design. So just before my final thesis, I jumped over to Copenhagen IT- University, and there I outlived my other passion, which was within the digital world. I’ve been working with that passion ever since. After building and selling, what became the biggest online store for used books in Denmark, I went into the agency business. I love getting involved in a lot of different companies and helping them out through creative ideas, which provides them with value.”

The two founders, Jesper Fagerlund and Mikkel Noe Westh has a master plan for Granyon to create a new kind of agency by focusing on working with the right people fostering creativity and delivering sound experience design.

Founded in February 2016, the company is not even a year old, but the savviness of its leaders, who have worked in some of the biggest agencies in Denmark, gives the team a clear path to follow.

“We could see that when it came down to it, it was all about money,” comments Westh. “Of course money has to be a part of it, but we want to build a business that is built for passionate, creative employees. Our mission is to develop a great place for people. What our customers buy into are passionate teams that are engaged and want to understand the project at hand and design creating added value for the client and their customers. We don’t want to sell hours or products. We want to sell great teams and happy, passionate people.”
Some of the great people from Granyon

Can you describe your agency in three words?

Trust, passion and awesome teams

In your opinion, what ingredients are key to create a successful digital campaign?

We don’t focus on getting awards. We are very much focussing on “does it work?” Does it support the brand and gives a result to the business?

We strive to understand the client’s company and brand from both the business perspective and its marketing purposes.

We do workshops to connect with customers through insights about their desires, dreams, hopes and the concrete business needs.

We see a great campaign as one that creates an engaging connection between customer and brand. The campaigns are based on more than just creating awareness. We want to support the brand’s objectives and connect with their clients’ personal dreams and goals.

We keep focusing on what the customer wants to accomplish. After we launch we measure and adjust, to create an even better ongoing value.

What is your personal definition of creativity?

For us, creativity is very much about being open, listening, being curious and see new connections or way of combining things.

That’s why Granyon is so engaged in Creative Mornings because that is for us, a playground, where we can get to meet a lot of interesting, creative people. At these mornings, we try to show that creativity is not just designers. Creativity is solving problems, in new and better ways. And that is something everyone can do. Every day all people are creative.

The greatest creative ideas we come up with, are often by finding an entirely different area, and putting it into a new context. So being open for the world around you and see opportunities to combine it in a new setup is, for me, the very essence of creativity.

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