Designing the final product

We always prefer to showcase our design in prototypes, that work. Responsive layouts, color palettes, typography, wording, illustrations, photo and video usage all work better with interactivity, animations, and transitions.

Prototype or pretotype. The kid has many names, and many don't realize the difference. But it all comes down to scale: how little effort is needed to test how big a project? We support both approaches and everything in between. How much we need to detail is up to you, and the challenges you seek to solve.

In most of our prototypes, what you see is what you get. There will always be final minute adjustments to the actual website, but we are high fidelity and closer to the real thing than ever. No guessing or imagining "the rest" of the design. You get it and can provide your feedback on that basis.

Other than prototypes our deliverables often include choosing typography, picking favorite colors, and creating other visual identity elements like logo, illustrations, animations, voice and tone guides and more.

It all boils down to making sense and supporting strategic choices and business goals. Only focusing on visual appeal could work fine if you are a gallery, but won't be enough on most other interactive products, whether its smartphone applications or full blown self-service websites that generate millions for your business.

Concept & Ideation

Our research findings and strategy decisions are the foundations for concepts and ideas for the actual solution. In this phase we sketch wireframes, drawings, illustrations, presentations and movies, to explore the possibilities. We show and discuss these with you in a series of workshops, and in online exploration tools.

Prototype, concept

The concept now moves into at prototype. We build on several pages, and core user flows at a time. We present you with the initial prototype, and you can follow along with the progress. Along the way, you can show the demo internally or use it for at more formalized testing on your core audience. We can incorporate several solutions to details, make A/B testing, to see which solutions perform the best and more. All this before moving the design into costly development. The prototype is done by designers only, but behaves like a regular web page or close to a finished app, making it safe to test.


The length of the sprints depends on the project. But the idea is to have different assumptions tested on you, your organization, selected customers and more. We design the sprints to fit your needs concerning schedule and budget.

Production ready

We work with all the leading CMS platforms like Drupal, Sitecore, Umbraco or Wordpress. We do not deliver back-end development but have established partnerships with great companies from the biggest platforms like Drupal, Sitecore, Wordpress and iOS / Android. As our designs live in a prototype, we find developers can get going quicker, as the product instantly answers a lot of questions. Still, we do work closely with developers in their sprints to make sure we handle design challenges according to our initial concepts. When needed we also deliver documentation in the form of design- or style guides.

Postlaunch / optimizations

Post launch we offer our dedicated teams to follow the new website to optimize conversions and engagement. Only by measuring the actual behavior and optimizing accordingly can we continually improve and meet already agreed KPI's and any new requirements that will come. You don't need to be alone.

Data, science & insights


Branding & Visual identity

Innovation & prototyping

Digital design & Websites
Drupal, Umbraco, Sitecore, Episerver, Wordpress

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