Before you set sails on the wild sea, it's nice to know which way to steer. The feeling you can have, in a digital world, is that the direction has changed once you have read this text.

We break it down and help you end up with a practical strategy detached from the trends of the time or whatever latest technology people talk about. We give you a direction to steer after no matter the medium and the changing message along the way.

It all comes down to purpose: why should anyone care about you? We help you form a meaningful basis for any media presence and provide tools and solutions to navigate in turmoil.



Insights are about setting the baseline. Before we know our current situation, we can't create a strategy to get to a different position. Business goals are the foundation of our decisions and concepts. Without them, you can't begin to understand your effectiveness, gain insights, or create or improve a current strategy.     
Our creatives know that data deliver great moments of truth that inspire creativity, encourage bold ideas, and allow you to hang on to your vision. We use data and customer insights to inspire and generate good ideas, and give you the ability to overcome the reluctance of people to embrace them. Big ideas are often risky or out of the ordinary. So rather than win people over with "Gut feeling," only aesthetics or an argument, you can supplement with data and insights.

Customer Journeys

A customer journey map is a unique visual representation of every touch point the customer encounters before, during and after engaging with your brand across platforms and medias. With the map, we can clearly identify touchpoints which will enable us to create a coherent system that supports your business and brand purpose.

Matching purpose with customers worlds

After understanding business goals, brand purpose and customer insights we can create the defining framework that will act as the guiding principals for the strategy.
A collective vision is not just essential to making progress toward your goals; it also helps break down silos. Global complexity has increased the need for communication and coordination across different parts of your organization. By making sure we have a defining framework, we can build a shared strategy and understanding of how everyone should work together to achieve our goals.

Building the communication system

At this point, we have clear business goals, the insights, a clear strategy purpose, and guiding principals. From this, we can build the strategy system that gives operational guidelines for your organization to choose which platforms and how they should be used. All to create a consistent customer experience that connects the brand with customers.
As an important part of the strategy we build it upon measurable KPI's We don't merely want to know what works and doesn't. We also want to know what works better than something else. Every marketer has ten things he or she can do, but if asked to choose just three, you can have a difficult time. The answer to the dilemma is our relative-value model. What is a tweet worth to your brand compared to a Facebook like? Our model can help you bridge the gap, understand the relative value of activities, and prioritize between them.

Final delivery

The strategy is documented and together with the new communication-/marketing system you get easy to use and measure tools to both implement the plan but also set up measurements to make sure that the new direction and ideas are coming to life.


DR (Danish Broadcasting Cooperation)

Read all about it! A clear process and intensive efforts by the strong team helped DR build three prototypes for the next version of their news app in record time.

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