Your own team

Even with a dedicated user experience team in-house, it can be a pain to create real UX when you are inside those four walls. Habits and many years of doing things the same way. Hierarchies in the organization. Knowledge overload on details or too little enthusiasm, when circumstances you should care about become everyday life.

We are here to help if you realize you can't or won't establish your user experience team. And realize you have to.

We offer a plan with a dedicated team, to give you a flexible setup with passionate people within data science, branding, strategy, concepts/ideas, creative or frontend… We love what we do, and we are genuinely curious about understanding your strategy, business ambitions, and customers dreams and needs. We look at it with fresh eyes. We stay on the outside and guide you from here.

If you run a start-up

We love the energy and will to succeed that often come with startups. Crazy ideas, and the will to disrupt businesses... make a dent in the universe. We also realize that some startups might need our competencies, from communication strategy over social media, graphic and interaction design and much more.

So now and then we offer our advice and also the partnership with new businesses. Come to us if you have an idea, and think we could contribute. We might help you with some advice, or we might even enter into a partnership with you, to make you idea look and behave the best it can!

Data, science & insights


Branding & Visual identity

Innovation & prototyping

Digital design & Websites
Drupal, Umbraco, Sitecore, Episerver, Wordpress

Teams & partnerships