Hollingsworth Pack

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Hollingsworth Pack
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How can you capsule the spirit and culture of a Texas, family-owned engineering and architect company? And how could you strengthen the employer brand to attract more qualified employees? The family-owned business Hollingsworth Pack had a wish to solve those challenges and create a future-proof digital presence for their company to provide consistent, hands-on professional design and construction management services to clients in Virginia.

We created a new core story and strategy for future marketing and corporate websites from intensive market research and interviews with key people in the organization. By understanding the company's foundation, we could create the elements needed to bring the brand to a new, professional position.

Hollingsworth Pack is unique in that they work independently as a group of craftsmen in their local communities with solutions tailored to their clients' needs. With offices in Austin, San Antonio, Williamsburg, and Copenhagen, the company is locally anchored yet has a global presence. And their new website supports that position.

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