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Get perfect user experience for your customers with high fidelity prototyping

We team up with you to create strategy, visual identity, or a website in a high fidelity fast prototype. A prototype that feels and behaves like a website should. Where ideas and concepts come to life long before development team starts out. Any detail that will impact the final experience can be viewed, discussed, tested and improved.

We speak 'your language' so you won't have to guess, or feel frustrated by buzz words floating around at other agencies. Also we do not count hours at the agency. We focus on the right output at the agreed deadline. Changes are necessary and we shouldn't keep back due to financial restraints.

If you are not sure we are the right partner for you: talk to us and we will be happy to provide free personalised advice to help you decide your next move. Get in touch today, and let's get started.

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Data Science & Insights

Insights is about knowing and understanding the reality behind the project

Knowledge and insights drive every single thing we do. Revising a digital strategy, repositioning a brand. Finding a way to get heard in the digital landscape. It defines the rules of the game and let opportunities show. It provides an overview making it more likely to reach solutions that work in real life, and solve business needs.

Whether you're setting the new digital strategy, strengthen your brand position or creating value through campaigns or interactive design, it all starts with knowledge about your business and your customers. It also motivates the creative team to make that effort to connect your brand with your customer's everyday life.

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Good customer experience is fundamental for your business. Users expect the best, and will leave if they have to.

Creating it is complex and involves a chain of efforts, that all need careful attention in order to succeed.

With Granyon, we advise you and work with all aspects of creating great experiences through design. See us as the director of your movie, setting directions for everyone on the team. We do not charge you by the hour. Rather we offer continuous personal advice and expertise at your hands at a fixed price. We are with you all the way, and make sure you know and understand what you get, and what your customers will get out of it.

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Truly understanding your users is essential. We use a string of proven methods and processes, plus a dash of good old empathy, to uncover and understand the unsaid, or unseen.

It has to be done, but does not have to take forever.

Knowledge and insights drive every single thing we do. 

Revising a digital strategy, repositioning a brand. Finding a way to get heard in the digital landscape? Insights define the rules of the game and allow the opportunities to reveal themselves. 

What is 'insights' anyway?

Insights are about setting the baseline. Before we know our current situation, we can't create a strategy to get to a different position. Insights are information about anything that is affecting or could be affected by the process. Any internal or external factor that will influence the result.

Data and insights help ease the feeling of uncertainty

Big ideas are often risky or out of the ordinary. So rather than winning people over simply with a "gut feeling" or aesthetics, we help you supplement and validate your assumptions with real insights and data.

A Strategy is a plan to get your brand to the point where you are in a better situation than you are now. Keep it simple and go fast from idea to something you can see and test with Granyons unique way of designing solutions in prototypes

The world is overwhelmingly digital and fast moving and you could get the feeling that everything has changed once you finish reading this text. 

A strategy from Granyon will help you set a direction and understand which actions, big and small, you need to take to move forward. We aim to detach it from the trends of the time or whatever latest technology people talk about. The core is about the humans, that will use your product.

Start with a clear customer journey map

Understanding the different touchpoints that the customer encounters before, during and after engaging with your brand will enable us to create a system that supports your business and brand purpose.

Match your business's purpose with your customer's world

Based on business goals, brand purpose and customer insights we create the defining framework that will act as the guiding principles for the strategy.  

Now define a communication system

At this point, we have clear business goals, insights, a clear strategy purpose, and guiding principles. In order to create a consistent customer experience and a meaningful connection to your brand, we set up a communication strategy with operational guidelines for all relevant platforms.

Final delivery

Along with the communication strategy we provide you with the necessary tools that help you both implement and measure the success of your content. You will have a plan, a list of actions and concrete to-do's so your strategy can come into play and make a difference.

Know more: get ahold of CEO and strategist Mikkel on

If branding is the way you talk, move and behave, the visual identity is how you look, smell and feel. Make sure they match.

A strategy is about finding reasons why your audience should care about you. Branding is telling them again and again who you are, and how they can relate. Branding is stories and something for me to relate to.

These days you are in constant potential contact with your customers, so you need to be your brand and have an authentic, believable voice. A clearly defined purpose will help define your personality and the potential for great stories to make your brand stand out can follow.

Brand purpose

The brand purpose defines the heart of everything you do. It tells the user why they should care, and it provides you with a clear guideline for any communication between your customer and your brand. If something falls out of your core story, you either shouldn't do it, or you have the wrong definition of your brand purpose. Keep this consistent, and your users become fans as they relate and feel they know everything about your brand.

Core visual identity: dress well

Visual identity is a traditional discipline, but today interactivity and screen based media adds opportunities to it. Typography choices, logo, colours, graphical shapes, grids, and media applications are always essential. But add interactivity, moving image, animation or even live data, and your visual identity can be taken to new levels.

Spot on content, with on-brand voice & tone

Visual identity is about the first impression. But your branding is about more than that. What it says and how it acts every day shows in the content you produce. You don't have to leave this to chance. We work with styling photography, video, illustration, and other graphic assets. We plan and instruct moving images for your core stories. We help you establish a voice and tone guide, which will empower you to find the right words for anything you need to communicate. 

Understand the creative concept as a unified direction, based on insights, and the choices we have made regarding visuals and branding. We move from insights, ideas, and prototype, to tested solution in as littel as a few weeks.

Go from insight and strategy to a real, tested, responsive prototype in just five weeks.

Internal structures and years of habits can be in the way for real change when it comes to communicating or selling your product online. Uncertainties and risk-taking seem impossible as positions or reputation are at stake. Or legacy technical solutions, that were expensive, but fail to deliver on business goals.

Granyon will move you fast into something you can touch, see, feel and test, to allow for ideas to be proven right or wrong, without the same amount of time or financial risk. Moving fast is always crucial. Our team has a proven track record of achieving this.

Choose from several concepts

As a web agency, we know that a concept is a proposed way of dealing with a challenge. It is illustrating a possible path explaining what it would do.  Concepts should be initiated with speed in mind as we need to identify as many paths as possible, to be able to see right from wrong.

Starting out with basic prototyping: paper and pen

The best way to get ideas down is to put them on paper with a pen. It is fast; it allows for an ultra quick visualisation of any idea. How should a solution be structured? How could we build it? How should it look? The purpose is to get ideas out of everyone's head so that we can see which ones work together and which ones are conflicting.

Interactive prototyping: ultra fast to high fidelity

The sketches, post-its, the insights and the strategy now all come into one in an online prototype. This can be experienced on any platform from anywhere and therefore tested (remotely) on any target-group in any market. We usually run one-week iterations and test over the weekend, so we know what to adjust the following week. 

What is design thinking? Why do organisations do 'design sprints'? What is it actually a digital designer does?

Digital design is interactive in its nature. From simply loading and scrolling down a webpage, to complex interactive solutions, with intelligent interfaces, that adapt to the individual user. Keep it as simple as possible, but not more simple than that.

Demand a high fidelity prototype

You will still find agencies, that will serve a design for you in a powerpoint, or a simplified clickable prototype. Today you can work with a design in a full blown website prototype, including real content. This makes it possible to truly understand and test the solution, before it is developed or used as the critical interface between customers and your business. Granyon is one of the leading agencies in prototyping design solutions. We offer speed and experience.

Your content will look great

Text, film, animations, social media, and landing page powered campaigns. This content is weak in a word document, but can come to life in the prototype. We can help you with our the content team, who work closely with the design team, to better understand the new opportunities you will have, and the more engaging ways you can communicate.

Develop design, add content and set up the CMS at the same time

We design while we work with content and CMS setup at the same time. All elements are important parts of the final experience. Design choices are better when based on real content. Content on the other hand can be rewritten or reformed with live design input. This avoids design solutions that are far from real needs or technical limitations. They all work together as part of a unified experience, making the solution not only better but also easier to work with on a daily basis, after the initial design proces is ended.

In most cases for mid to large scale websites, you can go live without any costly development phase. Custom design og functionality at a fraction of the cost.

The way we work with prototyping, you will be able to interact and test it from the first rough concept sketches to the finished designed prototype, with real content. In some cases we simply correct name servers to have your domain point to the prototype. And the prototype then becomes the website.

Go live with the prototype

Several of our clients have chose this, and today use the Webflow CMS to power their website. This is an extremely easy to use CMS, that is blazing fast and very flexible to set up. It is based on a monthly plan, that allows you to stay flexible and scalable. You can even add any custom designed e-commerce experience with payments powered by Stripe™.

A design for any CMS

We always base our work on a prototype, that can be delivered as a package, with everything needed to develop the design in any cms like Umbraco, Sharepoint or Wordpress. The package will contain the fully responsive design with alle assets plus the CSS, HTML and javascript files. It will be easier then ever to have the dev team implement.

Once you are live, the real work starts. Ongoing maintenance, content production and optimisation to keep your investment alive and kicking.

Production ready design

For us, development is a part of the design. We bring in developers right from the beginning to get their creative inputs to combine data or make use of powerful integrations with other systems. Everything can be tested in our prototype environment.

Content production and management
Engaging dynamic content is everything on any website. But your website is not an island. You have the option to be present on various platforms at the same time, but maybe with different perspectives and purposes. Combine your efforts, so you get to push content to your target audience in form of email or social media, combined with a well thought on demand presence in form of your website or an app.

Granyon can help your platforms become relevant to follow. We can be your communication team and on an ongoing basis produce and manage everything from text, images, graphics... on both websites and social.

New features, new insights? Not a problem

As your site is used by customers, inadvertently you will discover new insights about your users, that we didn't catch in the design phase. But with the prototype approach, changes or add ons will be easier and cheaper than ever.

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