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Design, whether digital or analog, is never static. It’s the spark that lights a conversation between you and your target group. Depending on your goals it enables an exchange between you and your customer and, ultimately, should leave them wanting to return. Design is not about aesthetics but the function of those aesthetics. And so, design is more than a matter of pixels and colors – it’s how humans behave and how you create connections and tangible impact. 

We can help design your site for any editor system - but as a certified Webflow expert agency, we love the world of no- or at least low-code.

Do you have the ambition to have an award-winning website, e-commerce, or an online campaign?

Brand identity

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Tone of voice

Humans are less rational than we’d like to think. And in deciding what we feel about a company or a brand, our emotions come into play. While you can’t control how your audience feels, you can affect their perception through your brand’s identity – put differently, the personality a brand would have if it were human. That personality should not only ring true to you but also resonate with your audience. Creating a brand is about establishing a dialogue between you and your customer. Don’t just make them listen to you – hear what they’re saying, too.

Strategy, content production & marketing

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Content marketing

Online marketing

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An idea without a plan may work once. Maybe even thrice. But sustainable success consists of a series of ideas that work together toward a common goal. Customers are flaky by nature, but you can’t just follow their lead if you want to create brand loyalty. What do your customers aspire to? And how can you help them get there? Those are the kind of questions your brand strategy answers. With those answers, you’ll be able not just to react but to act in a world that constantly changes. 

Documentary film, animation, and experiential consumer campaigns in the US?
This is where we join forces with our close partner Ground Media. Together we deliver proven tactics – including documentary film, animation, and experiential consumer campaigns – with innovative engagement strategies coming to life in digital solutions designed and developed by the Granyon team.

Granyon can help create content, communication, and marketing on a weekly basis. Read more about why content marketing is an investment that keeps on giving.

When we call ourselves a design agency, we don’t only mean visual design. Design is also everything else.

People are more likely to interact with a company or buy their products when they can make a personal connection to the brand, which is similar to the connections we make every day with other people. Leave your corporate side for a bit and let’s explore how you – as an authentic brand – look, behave, talk and most importantly – make people feel.

A study shows that people wouldn’t care if 77% of all the world’s brands disappeared tomorrow. 77%. By creating tailored and carefully thought-out experiences for your customers, we are not only making people aware of your existence. We make them care.

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