Connected experiences through insight, strategy, campaigns, design, websites and apps. 

From strategy to great, digital ideas implemented and tested ready to create true value for your company

Whether it’s setting the new digital strategy, strengthen your brand, position or creating value through campaigns or great Scandinavian, online design developed in online prototypes and implemented in Sitecore, Episerver, Umbraco, Drupal, Wordpress or ... It all starts with knowledge about the business and the customers. Then add an insight motivated, creative team that is ready to go that extra mile to connect your brand with the customer's worlds. We focus on creating great experiences for the customers but also for you and the team working to build value for you.

Data, science & insights

Knowledge and insights drive every single thing we do. Revising a digital strategy, repositioning a brand or finding a way to get heard in the digital landscape.


Before you set sails in the wild sea it is good to know which way to steer. The feeling you can have, in a digital world, is that the direction has changed once you have read this text. We break it down and help you end up with a practical strategy that gives direction to steer after.

Branding & Design

Great branding is, again and again, being true to your purpose. The best brands differentiate through having a clear concept and then build an organization,  communication, and marketing to back this up. So let's start discussing the reason why you are here and where you want to go.

Innovation & prototyping

Go from insight and strategy to a tangible, tested, responsive prototype in just five weeks. This is our approach to making real innovation fast, cheap and executable.

Digital design

All our initial work take shape in online interactive prototypes. You can see, interact and discuss the research findings, the concept, the responsive layout, color palettes, typography, wording, illustrations, photo… all your real content with added interactivity, animations, and transitions. to be tested and improved before handed for development in the appropriate technical setup fitting the strategy

Dedicated teams & partnerships

We can be your crew. With us, you can have a scalable team of strategists, analysts, and creatives that can add value to your organization. 

Did you get an idea for the next big startup success?  We can bring ideas to life so let's start innovating together.

Ideation & concept 
Understand how to get there

We get practical with workshops, ideastorms and more. We lay out touch points and work to define an experience map, that will be the catalyst for the project. Information arquitecture organises the information, storytelling helps create a common language for understanding what we are about to design.

Knowing the background for the project. The expected outcomes, the target group and more. We are now able to facilitate a process of ideation and conceptualization of possible solutions.  All take outset in our knowledge of where we have to go: the outcomes we have to reach. The initial phase is about exploring all possible solutions. Then we narrow in, build more detail, sketch, wireframe, discuss and choose. Until we are finally at a limited number of possible concepts, that we believe in, and that we want to test out with our users and stakeholders.

Design, Prototyping & development 
Experience what it will be like, build it and measure the effect

Developing design that supports the strategy is visual and descriptive at first. Visual identity is updated with responsive or interactive behaviour. Smoothly we move the design into prototypes for it to come to live. Digital design is interactive and flexible, and must thus be experienced in devices, not on paper. More on this in our Journal

Design here is of course about aesthetics, but also about the design of the whole solution. We work with digital branding: dynamic visual identity, imagery, typography, iconography, animation, photography, video etc. Everything you need to communicate your messages effectively across channels. We work with page designs, the structure of information, the use flows and showcase this both in flat design files, and in dynamic responsive shareable prototypes, that can be tested early and often and modified efficiently in an agile process. Our end product here is most often the prototype, and a handover to the development team. We will help you bring your solutions to life in all the major CMS out there: Drupal, Sitecore, Umbraco, Sharepoint and Wordpress. We design and build professional websites and apps that turn your marketing strategy into connected experiences. Come by or give us a call to discuss how we can inspire and delight your audiences. +45 60522962  or Skype: @HelloGranyon

Experience Management 
Maintain control moving ahead

For complex solutions an experience guide might be a good solution. The guide tells communicators all they need to know, in order to produce great content for customers. Guidance to design and assets, interaction design, voice and tone and tools like the experience map. All will help keep your organization on brand and save time and money when producing content in the future

Our take on Experience Management is very hands on. We provide an online experience manual, that describes very hands-on how your company or product deals with customer experience. The experience manual replaces the design manual, and can include guidance to voice and tone, so how you write and talk to you customers, plus guidance to interaction design: flows, user journeys etc. It provides current and future employees and external partners with an idea about the particular way your organisation wishes to be seen, heard and experienced. Furthermore we often engage in repeating sessions with our clients, to help them continuously develop and enhance the experience they offer, in their own channels, apps, in paid or social media, and in any physical space. With us on board, you don't need your own UX department.