Data Science & Insights

Knowledge and insights drive every single thing we do. Revising a digital strategy, repositioning a brand. Finding a way to get heard in the digital landscape. It defines the rules of the game and let opportunities show. It provides an overview making it more likely to reach solutions that work in real life, and solve business needs.

Whether you're setting the new digital strategy, strengthen your brand position or creating value through campaigns or interactive design, it all starts with knowledge about your business and your customers. It also motivates the creative team to make that effort to connect your brand with your customer's everyday life. 

1. Data mining

The basis of any innovation project is to specify business objectives, organization structure and in-depth knowledge about the customers from both data, statistics, online behavior and ethnographic methods.


We love to get closer to the people, whose life we are trying to affect in a positive way. It is time well spent. We prepare questionnaires, we watch, ask, and listen. We prepare to see and hear things we didn't expect: because that is the point to go out: to learn.


Data starts coming together into boards, that reminds us and provides us with observations that can become actions. It is the overview and a basis on which we and you can make the right decisions on moving forward.


To finalize we provide you with a report. Concise and precise. To the point. With a list of actions we recommend. We present this in person, and provide you a physical report, so you can move on!


DR (Danish Broadcasting Cooperation)

Read all about it! A clear process and intensive efforts by the strong team helped DR build three prototypes for the next version of their news app in record time

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