By curiously questioning everything, we aspire to think, design, do, and be better. Every day. At Granyon, we design great experiences that establish emotional connections and drive engagement. 

Our approach is based on trust and asking the right questions. At the right time. This is how good results appear — and it's also how good relationships and actual partnerships between agency and customer arise. By creating better ways of working together, we're on a pursuit for better experiences. 

How it feels to work with us

We always tailor the process to fit your project.

A good experience

Building a relationship between us based on trust is the single most important ingredient in great results. We want to make your project a great experience for all of us. Through listening, understanding, and approaching your challenges with compassion and curiosity, we aim for the long-lasting partnerships.

Transparent process

The process is as important as the product. With online prototypes and open and honest communication, we offer you to look over our shoulder. You can follow your project every step of the way, and we make sure that you always know what's up.

A team effort

At the Granyon office, every project is a shared project. So whatever yours is, you'll get the benefit of designers working side by side with strategists and writers. We work with your brand as a whole, and we do this by joining forces.


Webby Awards
2 x Webby Winner
Creative Circle
1 x Silver
3 x Shortlist
1 x Site Of The Day
1 x Developer Site
8 x Honorable Mention
Communication Arts
2 x Webpick

The right team

Meet our talented and ambitious designers and strategists
Jesper Fagerlund
Head of design
Mikkel Noe Westh
CEO, Senior advisor
Camilla Zuleger
Head of content
Andreas Jarner
Senior Concept Designer
Lea Thagaard Thomsen
Brand Designer
Tore S. Bentsen
Senior Digital Designer
Susanne Kinnerup Andersen