Designing for a Positive Difference

At Granyon, we believe that creativity is not something that can be easily measured by counting hours. We know that the best ideas often come when we take a break from work and let our minds wander. That's why we've built a culture that encourages creativity and freedom of expression. We've intentionally eliminated hourly or quarterly time registration, giving our employees the space to focus on their craft and produce exceptional work.

Located in Copenhagen and Washington D.C., we are dedicated to bringing your visions to life.

Our mission is to use creativity as a force for change and live up to this responsibility.

How it feels to work with us

We always tailor the process to fit your project.

Creativity before tech

Our team is made up of passionate individuals who value design and bold choices. While we have deadlines, team sizes, and budgets to consider, we prioritize the unique and engaging ideas that will make a lasting impact. Our culture celebrates and rewards creativity, empowering our team to create outstanding work that exceeds expectations.

Design Shack choose Granyon as one of The Ten Most Innovative Web Design Agencies in 2024:
"... each site is more memorable than the next. Granyon’s site design for the Women Rise NFT project and the Fed Up food truck brand are quite impressive and deserve more recognition."

Transparent process

The process of creating is just as important as the final product. With online prototypes and open and honest communication, we invite you to follow along every step of the way. You can see your project take shape and we'll make sure you're always informed about what's happening.

No code and Webflow

Granyon is one of few design agencies in Denmark that embraced no-code and Webflow right from the beginning. As a certified Webflow Enterprise Partner we have seen a positive shift in how we work with our clients, but we're also able to offer our customers the freedom to create custom animations, interactions, and unique web designs. No code is a fresh and new approach to web solutions - and we love it! But we will be happy to create UX and design for other CM-systems too ;-)


Webby Awards
2 x Webby Winner
3 x Shortlist
Best Homepage Honoree
The Lovie Awards
2 x Gold Lovie
1 x People's Lovie
6 x Shortlists
2 x Site Of The Day
2 x Developer Site
26 x Honorable Mention
Shortlist Studio Of The Year 2021
Keynote speaker at the
Awwwards Conference 2022
Creative Circle
1 x Silver
4 x Shortlist
Communication Arts
1 x Interactive Annual Winner
3 x Webpick
Webflow Partner Award
1 x Winner

The right team

The Granyon team is made up of a talented group of strategists, user experience designers, interaction designers, and creative technologists who are ready to take on your project from concept to completion. Plus, they're a friendly bunch! Let us introduce you to our multidisciplinary team and see how we can bring your ideas to life.
Jesper Fagerlund
Creative director
Andreas Jarner
Head of Brand Design
Mikkel Noe Westh
CEO, Brand advisor. mnw@granyon.com
Frédéric Dilé
Head of Creative Technology