A Good Movie To Watch

Need any recommendations for the next movie to watch on Netflix or HBOMax? Visit Agoodmovietowatch's redesigned platform for film- and show requests from real people – a website designed by Granyon.

It’s Friday night; you are looking for something to watch on all streaming platforms imaginable. An hour later, you still haven’t found anything, and you end up choosing a random bad movie from one of the recommendation categories.

We all know that situation where we spend more time scrolling than watching in search of a good movie, but Agoodmovietowatch has a solution to this problem. 

They recommend “highly-rated but little-known” films to stream by curating the hundreds of quality titles that are dismissed by inbuilt algorithms on popular streaming platforms. 

Kill the algorithms

Their motto is “Kill the algorithms.” As Bilal Zouheir, founder of Agoodmovietowatch says to Film New Europe

“Netflix algorithms are marketing tools that sell to viewers instead of helping them.”

Instead of letting algorithms choose what to see, Agoodmovietowatch wants to help. They believe that being challenged by something new is always better than being told what to watch by a robot.

A selection of the best film at Agoomovietowatch.

They only recommend movies that have received a high rating from viewers combined with a high score from critics. Both have appreciated these movies, so you can trust that they’re good. 

Agoodmovietowatch chose Granyon to help with the UX and redesign the popular platform to enhance user experience and introduce new services.

The result is a new, lighter and playful design where the user can easily navigate between the many quality films and series. 

Stop wasting time on boring movies, but visit the new Agoodmovietowatch’s new website, and let them guide you for what’s the absolute best on your favorite streaming services.

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