Unlocking the Potential of Your Website with Webflow and No-Code

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More unique and creative web designs are a goal many design agencies share. Granyon is one of few design agencies that embraced no-code and Webflow right from the beginning. Not only have we seen a positive shift in the way we work with our clients, we're also able to offer our customers the freedom to create truly custom animations, interactions, and unique web design.

Webflow is a website design and development tool that offers a number of advantages over traditional content management systems (CMS) like Drupal, Sitecore, and WordPress, particularly for agency customers.

One of the biggest advantages of Webflow for us as an agency is its ability to create highly-customizable, visually-stunning websites.

Webflow's in-browser visual editing tools and support for CSS, JavaScript, WebGL, and other web development languages, allow designers and developers to create custom animations, interactions, and unique design elements that traditional CMSs simply can't match for the same budget.

The Permian Basin website created for the archaeology firm SEARCH – an online museum that goes behind the scenes of archaeological excavations and brings the users close to the artifacts with the use of WebGL 3D technology.
The fintech company AQRisk wanted to leverage its brand to enter the global market and have a website that conveyed professionalism and progress. By combining Webflow and code, the website was given a dynamic look that fits a responsive setup.

Intuitive website functionalities

Another advantage is that Webflow makes it easy to create emerging and playful designs supporting the overall brand. Even the editor experience is more simple and easy compared to the old systems. Webflow also offers built-in e-commerce functionality, making it a great choice for businesses that sell products or services online. Using this single platform, we can design, develop, and manage e-commerce functionality for your website, saving time and costs.

E-commerce experience for the artist duo Hvass&Hannibal with a modern and easy-to-use webshop, allowing their international audience to acquire a piece of their art.

Finally, Webflow also offers hosting, making it a one-stop-shop for website development. Once the design and the development of your website is completed, it can be easily published and hosted on Amazon servers, making it accessible to the public and eliminating the need for an additional hosting provider. This makes the process of creating and launching your website more efficient and streamlined.

Emphasis on creativity and innovative design

Webflow offers agency customers a unique combination of playful, unique designs that traditional content management systems like Drupal, Sitecore, and WordPress may not offer.

With no-code, we're now able to prioritize creativity and design over technology and template restrictions. Starting with a blank canvas, your website is designed based on your brand and target audience.

You will experience more flexibility in design, development, and hosting, making it an excellent choice for companies and organizations that wish to create visually-stunning, custom websites without the need for extensive coding or developer knowledge.

The NFT community, Women Rise, celebrates women from around the world rising on the blockchain through a collection of 10,000 unique NFT art pieces. The website takes part in this celebration through the use of vibrant colors and animations as a backdrop for the artwork.
The startup and tech company, Legacy, desired a website experience that reflects the company's rapidly growing position in the market, and that could attract new customers and employees.

A close collaboration between agency and client

With Webflow, the relationship between the agency and the company feels more collaborative. By using prototyping, we can streamline the process of creating and launching websites, while enhancing the ambitions and the design quality.

As a customer at Granyon, you will have access to a unique, creative approach, resulting in solutions that align with your brand and vision, rather than being restricted by the limitations of pre-made templates.

The combination of flexibility and advanced functionality allows designers to push their creative limits and create unique and visually-stunning websites.

Curious to hear more?

Curious about how to elevate your brand with a truly unique and visually-striking website? Don't settle for generic templates or restrictive limitations - let Granyon empower your brand with a website that stands out. Take the first step towards a website that truly represents your brand.

Reach out and schedule a consultation with our expert Webflow designer, Jesper Fagerlund. He will guide you through the process and demonstrate how this new no-code web design and development approach can benefit your brand.

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