Creating a full-automatic Bullshit Machine

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At Granyon we’re always on a journey, doing what we can to fulfill our clients ambitions and goals and bring creativity to a new level. It’s now time to create experiences that resonate outside the screen. One of the first steps to shoot off our new journey is to build a full-automatic bullshit machine, led by our very own master of quirkiness and French man, Frédéric Dilé.

Design and creativity are all about creating emotions and making people perceive a brand in a certain way. At Granyon, we want to meet our clients with an “everything-is-possible”- approach, and we're always searching for new ways to support our clients' brand mission. 

We’re now taking the next step to create experiences not only on screen but also outside the screen. A journey that will take us to think more holistically, not only creating value to client’s identities and digital presence but force us to think in new creative formats and push traditional thinking. 

“It has always been Granyon's ambition to break out and create experiences outside of the screen. Now, we are taking yet another step forward toward that position," Mikkel, CEO of Granyon. 

Technology that gives a full experience

Setting a new direction for Granyon, one of the things we have done is to welcome Frédéric Dilé to our team. Frédéric has a degree in interior design from Ensaama in Paris, France. 

He prefers making art pieces with an element of interaction because of the complicated, interactive details that impact the entire product experience.

"For me, it's always been about mixing creativity, art, and technology to give that full experience." 

Frédéric is 100% aligned with Granyon's journey to think bigger and bring unique value to our clients' identities and websites with his artistic eye for design, coding, and physical computing skills.

"I like to create little details, a trick that makes a boring, static page to something the reader gets curious about and says; wow, something is happening here. It's the little details which make a website even cooler and exciting for the user", he says.  

Interactive elements

Taking a look at Frédéric's former work, they all reflect quirkiness, something unusual and different.

"I used to do a lot of quirky stuff, but that's what I'm best at".

His artistic side and eye catching and interactive elements on websites will add a new exciting user experience.  

"I love when I can combine my skills with visual design and coding. The best part is using new technologies to make up something different both for websites and in physical computing", Frédéric Dilé

We are thrilled that Frédéric is now a part of the team and ready to help us push expectations and old habits. And we’re very excited to see what the future brings. 

Oh, and the bullshit machine to kickstart this new journey of ours? We're working full speed to make it fully functional. We're excited to show you!

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