ENIGMA – A Brand New Museum With High Ambitions

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As a museum of communication, ENIGMA’s mission is to explore and deliver perspectives on present and future topics like digital education, surveillance, and fake news – based on knowledge of the past. The start of our long-term partnership with ENIGMA is a new website that supports their brand and ambitions.

Located in an old post office building in the heart of Østerbro in Copenhagen, a new and modern museum with high ambitions is under construction: ENIGMA – Museum of Post, Tele and Communication. 

From 2022, you can experience a brand new museum with high ambitions. Their four new exhibition- and activity spaces portray the story of communication- and media history in Denmark – from the postal service beginning in 1624 and mass communication in sound and images to the digital realities of our time.

Interactive exhibition- and activity spaces

Forget all about a traditional museum that only teaches you about the past. ENIGMA wants to tell our history of communication and relate it to present and future topics – by involving their visitors to explore the world of communication and technology.  

Visitors will be encouraged to interact while learning in the new exhibitions: In the ENIGMA’s Arcade – a historical exhibition of digital games – visitors can look forward to see and play through the revolution of games. They can expect the smell of popcorn and the taste of Jolly coke when playing their favorite ‘80s arcade games on old, original machines. Also, in ENIGMA’s World – a playground for young and old – both kids and their parents can explore the fascinating power of the digital screen and learn about modern technology through play with historical objects from the collection. 

A new website built on the core of the brand 

The start of a long-term partnership with ENIGMA is a website that aims to establish and support the brand. The design concept is built on a variable and dynamic grid-system and is a tribute to past and present communication mediums. 

The website becomes a communication in itself when the reader explores every site page – images load in a wonderfully weird way, pages transform themselves, and messages fall into place.

As an easter egg, there's a loving reference at the bottom of the website to the upcoming active arcade at the museum; an old-fashioned pong game to extend the physical museum's experience. More games will be added as we approach the museum's opening day. 

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