Frédéric Dilé – Granyon’s new Creative Technologist

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With Frédéric Dilé as the new Creative Technologist, he contributes with exciting skills to the creative Granyon team. He supports Granyon's journey to think bigger and bring unique value to our clients' identities and websites with his artistic eye for design, coding, and physical computing skills.

A 25m long tunnel filled with sound and colorful blinking lights. An interactive art piece that combines art and technology. That sums up our new Creative Technologist, the multidisciplinary artist Frédéric Dilé’s skills and work. The projects he did with the Danish designer Henrik Vibskov are one of the things he’s most proud of:

“The installation called The Radish Arm Charm was made for Henrik Vibskov’s fashion show in Paris in 2019. “I created a program that controlled all the lights in the sculpture, so when the models walked inside it, the lights were slowly moving like waves.”

Henrik Vibskov: “The Radish Arm Charm”, Paris Fashion Week 2019. Frédéric Dilé made the lights and sound. Photo: Frédéric Dilé.

"The first project I did for Henrik Vibskov was called The Onion Farm – an art installation for the London Design Festival and took place at the V&A Museum in the tapestries gallery. We only had one week to install the installations, and I was in charge of the lights and sounds. The piece was interactive; visitors were invited to touch and move through it as they walked along the gallery. Lights were blinking, added with neon light sounds when visitors walked through it", Frédéric says with a french accent and a lot of enthusiasm: "It was pretty fun to do. And what I’m looking forward to help the Granyon customers with" 

Henrik Vibskov: “The Onion Farm” for London Design Festival 2018 at V&A Museum, London. Frédéric Dilé made the lights and sounds. Video: London Design Festival.

He prefers making art pieces with an element of interaction because of the complicated, interactive details that impact the entire product experience. "For me, it has always been about mixing creativity art and technology to give that full experience."

Taking a look at Frédéric's former work, they all reflect quirkiness, something unusual and different. As Frédéric says: "I used to do a lot of quirky stuff, but that's what I'm best at."

A great balance of knowledge in design and code

Frédéric has a degree in interior design from ensaama in Paris, France. It was a coincidence that he became good at coding and creating websites: 

"My first job was ast a movie contributor in Paris. I was in charge of all of their websites. That's how I came into the game; I was a one-man-army with a lot of creative freedom. I learned design strategy while coding several websites."

After his first job, he was an Art Director in different kinds of traditional agencies, and besides his regular job, he did a lot of freelance projects. The right balance between his two passions, he found as a Creative Technologist: "I like my job when I can combine my skills with visual design and coding. The best part is using new technologies to make up something different both for websites and in physical computing".

New opportunities for creativity 

Frédéric has the right skills and knowledge to complete Granyons visions. His artistic side and eye for little quirky elements on websites, like WebGL and interactions, will add a new exciting user experience: 

"I like to create little details, a trick that makes a boring, static page to something the reader get curious on and says; wow, something is happening here. It's the little details which make a website even cooler and exciting for the user", he says.  

Frédéric is not afraid of jumping into new things. As Partner of Granyon, Mikkel Noe Westh says: "His Let's try it-approach whether it's a new website or creating a physical computer fits our culture spot on." 

His primary skill is to combining things to bring new value from them. It can take a huge technical setup and a big budget to make an advanced website. Our mission is to offer more customers the same possibilities with a no-code approach for a smaller budget. The money should be used for creativity, content, the things that make a difference, not CM-systems and integrations.

Fluid boundaries between offline and online 

Frédéric's experiences in psychical technology installations support the Granyon journey to think bigger and bring unique value to our client's identities and websites. 

"We experience brands on- and offline. The best results come by seeing the brand identity and communication as a system of touchpoints. Designing that experience across platforms and media is how we think and what we want to accomplish for our customers." says Mikkel

For the new Danish museum ENIGMA – Museum of Post, Tele, and Communication, Granyon has the ambitions to create a vivid new website and set their data accessible, ready to be used across platforms and API.

It has always been Granyon's ambition to break out and create experiences outside of the screen. "Now, with Frédéric, we are taking yet another step toward that position," says Mikkel. "A position where we offer our clients to fulfill their ambitions and goals that require more than a website – cheaper and faster." 

Frédéric matches Granyon's spirit and culture: "I'm creative in many different ways. Granyon is a playful environment, and I think it will be exciting for us to play together and make something great for our clients".

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