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From Andrea Bocelli to Wu-Tang Clan. The talent agency Jay Siegan Presents provides world-class entertainment for events worldwide. We're currently working with JSP and helping them develop their new brand and website.

The San Francisco-based agency Jay Siegen Presents curates live music, speakers, comedians, regional talent, and celebrities for a wide range of events – from corporate events to fundraising galas and weddings.

Behind the agency is Jay Siegan – a man known for his long-standing relationships with notable talent, managers, and agents.

Intrigued beyond just the stage

Jay's interest in music started early on. During his teenage years, he would spend a good portion flipping through records and working at the local record stores, developing deep and diverse knowledge about music. He listened to famous bands he would eventually work with in his adult life.

In his early 20ies, Jay played in bands and did an amount of international touring. The more he got into the music business, the more he found himself intrigued beyond just the stage.

"I wanted to learn more about the marketing, promotion, and booking aspects of running a band. I internally ran a band I was in, and I eventually found my permanent place in the industry as an artist manager and all-around music lover."

Jay Siegan Presents founded by Jay Siegan has over 25 years of experience in the talent and music industry.

He later opened The Red Devil Lounge – a SF live music venue hosting mini-residencies with big-name artists, local artists, and a broad range of fundraising events, expanding his interest in philanthropic events. He also became the music curator for the TED Conference, where he experienced how working with artists to develop short, but powerful TED performances was enriching and gratifying. 

Events worldwide

Jay Siegan and his team now exclusively focus on Jay Siegan Presents. The project gets broader in its scope of events each year. 

It's now time for JSP to take the next step and enhance their brand, purpose, visual identity, and website. 

"It's been a truly intriguing and invigorating learning experience to dig into our identity and core story with the great creative minds at Granyon. It is a joy to work with true creatives who come with so much integrity and drive to produce something beautiful, artful, and clear for our growing company."


Thank you, JSP, for trusting us with this assignment. We're excited to support your mission to curate live experiences that provide people with memories that last a lifetime.

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