Kontainer wants you to spend your time wisely

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Kontainer refers to themselves as the most stable, secure, and user-friendly solution on the market, optimizing and automating your workplace. To put it more simple, they want to simplify file administration that makes work-life smoother and gives you back the freedom to do what you do best. We are currently helping Kontainer with their visual identity.

Many of us can probably recognize the following scenario: File sharing is a constant time stealer and you often find yourself spending a severe amount of time looking for the newest version of a file, realizing that too many versions led to emailing the wrong one to the client. On top of that, your organization has started to grow out of Dropbox and Excel.

File administration can be a time-consuming task. It interrupts the workflow and prevents us from focusing on the things that really matter. 

Kontainer wants to minimize the hassle. They want to make our everyday work life a little easier by offering a more user-friendly alternative. Their hope is to give us back the freedom to spend our time more wisely and efficiently. 

Via a new kind of file management system, Kontainer optimizes and automates the workplace and data flow. The systems provide fully automated integrations between digital platforms and sales channels and are the foundation of the Kontainer business model. 

Currently, we are helping Kontainer update their visual identity so that even more people will be able to benefit from their innovation. 

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