Granyon won the gold award and was shortlisted in two additional categories at this year's esteemed Lovie Awards

Interaction design
User experience
Granyon secured the gold award at this year's Lovie Awards, often regarded as the unofficial European Championship of web excellence. The website for triumphed as Best Corporate Communications. Furthermore, we received recognition on the shortlist for the 'Best Homepage' and 'Best Visual Design' categories.

In close collaboration with our partner GROUND Media, Granyon designed and developed the new digital identity and website for one of the world's largest archaeological and maritime archaeological companies, SEARCH.

The website not only presents the company but also its many impressive projects, including the discovery of U.S. Nevada

or the excavation of The Permian Basin, a site also designed by Granyon that was shortlisted in the category Best Homepage.

An essential part of the extensive site is a 3D universe where the key projects of SEARCH are displayed. Granyon created a comprehensive interactive tour where visitors can experience the many archaeological projects above and below the water.

It is an important step for Granyon to be allowed to design and develop such a significant website while also getting the opportunity to work with the web in a new way, breaking with the old approach to website creation. Everything has been developed with a no-code approach, meaning to the greatest extent possible without the traditional development use.

Mikkel Noe Westh

Winning a prestigious Gold Lovie Award stands as a remarkable recognition of the exceptional effort and dedication put forth by the GROUND and Granyon teams in crafting an extraordinary website. Once more, the collaboration between GROUND and Granyon has proven to be a fruitful partnership. The synergy of GROUND's robust storytelling abilities, dedicated to inciting action, coupled with Granyon's design and development expertise, has resulted in the perfect recipe for forging an immersive online experience.


SEARCH is a global leader in archaeology, maritime archaeology, and the entire spectrum of cultural heritage services.

Their employees are leaders, pioneers, and experts in the cultural heritage industry across 45 markets, regions, and service sectors. Since 1993, they have completed more than 4,500 commercial and public projects in 48 U.S. states, six U.S. territories, and 36 countries, spanning seven continents and four oceans.

About Lovie Awards

The Award is often called the European Championships in Web. The mission of The Lovie Awards is to recognize the unique and resonant nature of the European Internet community across culture, technology, and business. They believe that by elevating the best digital innovations from Europe, the internet will improve globally.

By integrating science, technology, and creativity, they harness the power of the past to advance the projects, places, and people they serve.

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