Nordisk Games – Fueling the global game industry

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Nordisk Games fuels the growth of the global game industry by investing in global game studios. In a new partnership, we help them build their brand to continue the development of even more great studios.

The global game industry has achieved great success during the last years. Nordisk Games, part of leading media group Egmont, is on a mission to fund and actively support the rapid development by funding and supporting game developers. With a team of experienced game industry veterans and business developers, their role is to support and challenge the companies they invest in and encourage them to aim high.

The ideal company for Nordisk Games to invest in has already launched a couple of titles with some success and is a company in which the founders now want to take the studio to the next level. They make equity investments and want to empower the founders and ensure that they are in control of their own destiny.

More than an investment

Nordisk Games are in for the long haul, and to do this a good investment doesn’t cut it – their agenda is to build great games studios that create great games.

To promote greater variety in games and workplaces Nordisk Games actively supports diversity in the game industry by hosting events and participating in events, groups, and debates on the issue. As they say – “gamers are diverse, games and workplaces should reflect that.”

A new brand emerges

Nordisk Games started in the summer of 2016 with its first investment in January 2017. Today, they have invested in a total of 150+ million Euro in a dynamic and growing portfolio with more game studios in the pipeline.

We've partnered with Nordisk Games and have started working with their visual identity and website. By creating a brand that stands out, we want to support their ambitions of investing in more game studios and the development of rich gaming experiences for millions of consumers worldwide.

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