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A part of the Granyon DNA is to act transparent and show our passion and excitement for our work. We want to share all things – big and small – that inspire us in design, branding, and content creation. Starting with CEO and Brand Advisor at Granyon, Mikkel Noe Westh who shares a selection of things from the off- and the online world that inspires him.

Curious and open to others perspectives

“Being open to ideas and perspectives outside my sphere is, for me, the foundation of creativity. Staying curious and forcing to hear others' perspectives makes it easier to surprise and combine inputs to new ideas and solutions. Creating connecting, relevant and engaging brands and solutions also takes being open to understanding the people.“

Audiobooks for new inspiration

“Audiobooks are a great way for me to get new inspiration in my work of being a leader and Brand Advisor. The recent book I listened to was Eating the Big Fish by Adam Morgan. The writer gives examples of brands with a clear purpose of challenging the status quo. By standing out with the mission to change something, the book describes how these brands can take a position they wouldn’t be able to with traditional marketing methods. The will to challenge affects the relationship to customers. It drives the internal effect of having a clearer culture where everyone in the organization can gather around a clear brand mission.”

Eating the Big Fish by Adam Morgan

Biking as a creative method

“When faced with a tricky challenge for a new brand or the concept for a campaign, I often get the best ideas on my bicycle to and from work. The nearly meditative state I get when cycling frees the mind to combine impressions into new solutions.”

Compassion to lead 

"As a part of a book launch campaign we're doing for the organization Potential Project, I had the chance to read the book Compassionate Leadership. The book contains several inspiring points to my leadership and how it's possible to bring out the best in the Granyon team and, in the end, to our clients.

I also got general inputs on a higher level. When we design and develop online solutions, it's done with an ambition to create an experience, change behavior or lead people to take action. The authors Rasmus and Jacqueline give an interesting perspective on what makes people act and help. Even though the book is about leadership, I could see how mechanisms can contribute to our general work, where our mission is to "lead" an audience in a specific direction."

Compassionate Leadership by Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter

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