Webby Talks Tour: Never Niche Enough

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How have young consumers redefined online communities, and why is the digital future rooted in authenticity? We’re inviting you all to join us at the Granyon office when the internationally acclaimed Webby Awards gives a talk on the future of digital.

Each year, The Webby Awards executive team hosts the talk format Webby Talks, where they explore the Internet’s most important trends that are changing the future of digital and impacting our world and work.

We’re happy to announce that Webby Talks will drop by the Granyon office in Copenhagen, Tuesday, November 8, at 5:00 PM CET. And you’re invited!

This year’s Webby Talks trend is Never Niche Enough: saddie baddies™, pothole protestors, and foraging fiends. How young consumers have redefined online communities, and why the future of digital is rooted in authenticity.

Production Director Emma Whitfield from Webby will take us on a journey into how Gen Z is transforming traditional community platforms, building new communal digital spaces, and populating the increasingly innovative online metaverse to connect, create and communicate, and how brands can meet them there.

After the Webby contribution, our CEO Mikkel Noe Westh will do a talk on how designers are capable of making a difference and how the mantra “doing good with creativity” can be integrated into a designer’s work.

The event is free with a limited amount of seating. Get your ticket here.

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