Why content marketing is an investment that keeps on giving

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Content marketing is much more than a way for businesses to get through with their message. It's a tool with many “hidden” features that provide your business with valuable insights and spark healthy self-reflection. When done right, it will ultimately result in the biggest reward of them all: Loyalty from your target group. Here are five reasons why content marketing is an important investment that keeps on giving.

At Granyon, we help businesses on the journey to leveraging their brand by strengthening their position through visual identities, design, valuable communication, and engaging content marketing. 

We sometimes experience how it can be hard for clients to understand the importance of not just reacting but to actually act in the world around us. Having a new visual identity or a new flourishing website doesn’t cut it alone. We need to give the brand life, communicate and continuously be present with the people we want to reach. And this is where valuable content comes into the picture.  

Creating good content is not an easy-peasy quick fix or a lazy Sunday walk-in-the-park. High-quality content takes time, insights, and a lot of “let’s do this!”-energy.

Our experience is that once the framework is done, it will get easier with time, and you will find that the responses you get in return are as valuable as the effort put into the work.

It takes effort. But it’s also great fun! And most importantly, it brings all kinds of good things to the table, pride to your organization, your employers and clients.

Here’re five reasons why we at Granyon see content marketing as a clever and important investment that keeps on giving:   

1. A tool to understand your target group 

Content creation can help you get a clearer understanding of the characteristics and needs of the person sitting on the other side of the screen.

We need to put ourselves into the minds of the target group because, in the end, we write for them – not ourselves. 

The more we use content and the process around it as a tool to understand our target group, the more insights we get about who they are and what they see as valuable to them.

Think of what questions the target group may have and then think of the best way to answer these questions with the content. Who are they? What do they need? What do they dream to accomplish? And most importantly: How can we help them reach their journey to success and happiness? 

The better an understanding, the more you can make sure to continuously adjust and develop your services, products, and communication to meet your customers’ needs, wishes, behavior, inputs, interaction… The list goes on.

2. Content can build strong, lasting connections with your target group

The higher the quality of content and the more relevant your target group experiences it, the more likely they are to engage with you. Creating interesting, entertaining and valuable content can help establish a strong and positive connection with your target group – one of the many things that make content creation worthwhile. 

Instead of pushing a product, we should focus on how we can provide our target group with content they see as valuable and relevant for them. This way there’s a higher chance they will engage with you. 

The more your brand and your target group are aligned, the more likely they are to buy your product or service. Or even better: By connecting through a clear brand personality you are able to accomplish a continuous sale and most importantly build a network of faithful ambassadors, nurturing and strengthening your brand. 

3. Content can reinforce your brand and build brand awareness

The brand needs to shine through in everything we do – from visual identity to behavior on the website and social media. Well-thought-out content can help reinforce your brand and establish a positive brand perception that will make the brand stand out from your competitors. 

Content marketing is what makes your brand come alive by setting a consistent voice, style and direction. This way you will avoid confusing your target group and instead give them a clearer picture of you. 

We all get bombarded with impressions and content online every day, becoming more and more immune to company’s trying too hard to stuff products down our throats. Try not to think of how to push a certain product or service, repeating the same slogan over and over again. Instead, turn your focus to your brand’s mission and why your company is on the market.  

A strong brand will increase loyalty and decrease the need for traditional advertising. The customer can relate to a clear brand personality and you will become more than just the product or services you offer. 

If people see your brand as relevant, they are more likely to share it in their network. Experience shows that people are willing to pay extra for a strong, relatable brand than for products that only focus on product price and features.

High-quality content will make you stay relevant and on top of mind.  

4. Content can demonstrate credibility and build authority

Your content should demonstrate your expertise and be educational and informative to your target group. Through high-quality content, you will establish your organization as an expert within your field. Well-thought-out content can demonstrate credibility and establish you as the thought leader in your industry. 

The more your target group sees you as an industry expert, the more likely they are to trust you and what you have to offer, making them want to turn to you for advice. Or even more importantly: Making them want to return.

5. Content can make you see yourself from the outside 

Lastly, content creation pushes another healthy exercise: Looking at yourself from the outside. Understanding your target group is important, but taking a stand for yourself and considering how you want to position yourself is too. The process of creating meaningful content will help you consider yourself, what you stand for, to whom you communicate, and how you do it. 

Try asking yourself questions like: Who are we? To whom are we here for? Do we make a difference for these people? What would the world be missing, if we weren’t around? 

And the more detailed questions: What kind of personality fits you? And what about your tone of voice? Are you geeky, playful, serious? It’s questions like these that can help get closer to the core of our business and with a clear purpose and personality easier for your customers to relate to. 

Considering why you’re here will give your brand personality and make it easier for your target group to relate to you. It can turn your organization from being faceless to one people can relate to and see as trustworthy. 

In a buying situation, a clear personality can make your target group more likely to choose you above others – simply because they can relate to you and because it feels right to buy your product and has a positive effect on their own personal brand. In the end, we know that people buy with their hearts. 

Interested to hear how Granyon can help you accomplish all the benefits from great content creation?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Head of Content Susanne Kinnerup Andersen

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