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Milford was a brand that literally went below the radar, or should we say ground. The company delivers solutions and products for handling trees in urban environments. We helped formulate a new strategy, a guiding principle for the brand – creating liveable cities – to grow beyond just trees and help build a better world with the services they deliver. We redesigned the identity and delivered a new website that supports their strategy to grow and expand the idea of using water to get greener, healthier cities with more greenery. Fresh air, excess water damage control and healthy trees that grow for centuries. Milford is a brand on a mission.

Since the website launched, we've partnered with Milford to reach new customers, crafting their messages, and communicating their innovative solutions to a knowledgeable target group. We assist with copywriting, social media management, SEO optimization, and general strategy work every week. And we're happy to see how a clear digital presence helped the company flourish.

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