Awwwards Conference – Thank You!

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We were honored to be among the speakers at this year's Awwwards Conference – a design conference for like-minded designers, creatives, and developers.

Last week, we attended the Awwwards Conference in Amsterdam – a three-day conference of inspiring talks, workshops, and conversations with talented people from all over the world. We were invited to take the stage and share the story of Granyon – a studio born into a world of no-code – and how we found our purpose during the journey with focus on The Third Strike Campaign and The Danish Refugee Council.

We looked back on the change no-code has made to our business and what we see happening going forward. We also shed light on how we think no-code has given designers the power to express web design in new ways that weren’t possible a few years ago. 

Today, we don’t only create beautiful design, imaginative transitions, and effects. We’re capable of changing behavior, and opinions, nudging people and convincing them to act. 

So how do we as web creators manage this newfound power? 

There’s not a single answer to this question. But as we see it, we can choose who we work for and how we use the huge opportunity of creating attention and behavioral change. Because with power comes responsibility. And when we start being aware of this power, we can start doing good with creativity. 

Thanks for listening. It was a pleasure meeting you all!

Photos: Awwwards Conference

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