Nordic Harvest – The Future of Agriculture

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Nordic Harvest changes the way we produce food to bring back wild nature and forests. We help them build their brand to reach the customers that are key to their success.

At this point, most of us recognize that the way we till the fields to produce food for an increasing global population isn't sustainable. But how do we make sure there's enough food in the future – while taking better care of the planet we all share and on which our lives depend?

Anders Riemann of the Danish Nordic Harvest may have found the answer: Growing vegetables indoors, in tall warehouses, using energy-efficient LED-light in a highly controlled environment. As the first project of its size in Denmark, Nordic Harvest is going to grow vegetables in 14 stories that can be harvested many times each year. That way, they can produce 250 times more than a traditional farmer on the same space. The concept is called vertical farming, and the Danish warehouse will be the largest in Northern Europe.

Bringing Back Nature

But Anders Riemann's mission with Nordic Harvest goes beyond feeding people – he wants to bring back nature. In his vision, when people are moving to the cities, we might as well use the acreage to replant forests. So, once up and running, the proceeds of Nordic Harvest will be reinvested in the Nordic Harvest reforestation project.

"Vertical farming in Denmark is only a stepping stone to reach the final vision," he told the Danish paper Politiken. "Right now, we read about deforestation and wildfires in Brazil and Indonesia. If we can develop vertical farming so that it can be copied in Brazil, then they can skip the agrarian society and go directly to a service society. At one time, Denmark was covered with forest. We can't blame Brazil for doing what we've done, but we can give them the incentive to stop," he says.

Partnership between Granyon and Nordic Harvest

Earlier this year, Nordic Harvest received funding from investors to realize the vision. To help him get there, we've partnered with Nordic Harvest to build the visual Identity and website so that his ambitions will reach the millions of people who will benefit from their ideas – not only because the vegetables are better and tastier, but also because it’s a responsible way of producing food.

"We're looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Nordic Harvest and are proud to take part in their bold, yet important mission," Mikkel Noe Westh, our CEO and senior advisor, says about the new partnership.

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