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Great user experiences through insights, strategy, design, and prototypes. Transforming businesses and creating an impact on customers. 


We are a digital agency that offers great, skilled teams ready to do everything they can to create value for your organization or business. We cut the usual agency bullshit so we can get to the things that give you value faster. We create strategies, design, prototypes, and development in Drupal, Wordpress, Umbraco or Sitecore. We are here to listen so don't hesitate to reach out.

By going quickly from ideas to test with a design and online prototyping, we can get test results from several countries and use the results to optimize the solution before using expensive development resources. Hear the Granyon/VELUX talk from The Danish Industry Sales Conference.

What we offer
Granyon is an Insight-led digital agency centered on critical and creative thinking, design excellence and technical wizardry.  We think, conceptualize, prototype and test professional campaigns, e-shops, websites, and apps that turn marketing strategy into connected experiences.

Our mission is to understand, inspire and delight our employees and customers in everything we do. 

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In our way of doing business, we always focus on the outcome. We continually improve and stay inspired. Our people are happy at work because we care. Happy people = great projects and reliable results. Test us.

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